Glow Getter - The ultimate complexion boosting treatment package

Glow Getter - The ultimate complexion boosting treatment package

Do you want that Hollywood Glow. The luminous 'I don't need makeup because I have great skin' glow. Thats our goal for you too. Everyone has the ability to have great skin because it doesn't happen by chance, great skin happens by appointment - your facial appointment that is!

First up, what is a treatment package?
Think of it like a map to hidden treasure. A step by step series of facials with your therapist tweaking them as we go to help you get to that luminous end goal. Over the program you won't have to guess what treatment you should be having or wondering what you need next, it's all done for you. 
Glow Getter
This package is a very customizable package depending on your concerns. We can treat acne, pigmentation from sun exposure, vascular conditions like broken capillaries and redness and over all complexion.
What are the treatments?
Every month you get two appointments at fortnightly intervals
Treatment One:
IPL Skin Treatment
This treatment IPL light therapy, similar to laser but much gentler on your skin, to target your concern. For example if you have sun or age spots we use a light filter that seeks these darker pigment areas to bring it to the surface and allow it to fade away. There are filters for all different types of concerns and we can tailor it to your needs.
Treatment Two:
AHA Peel with LED
An AHA Peel (Alpha-hydroxy-acid) is a gentle treatment that uses AHA's to exfoliate the dead skin cells off the surface of the skin without friction to reveal brighter skin underneath. The best thing about this peel is that the 'Peeling' that happens is not a flaky reaction. Instead as you cleanse over the following week, you'll find your skin feels fresher as these skin cells are washed away. 
An LED facial uses one of our two LED machines to target the exact layer of your skin needed to not only supercharge your RF and AHA peel results but also to help stimulate collagen again and reduce redness and inflammation. 
After these treatments are completed you come back again the following month to repeat the process and improve your results. 
The Perks:
One of the reasons why our clients love these packages is not only the amazing results they get but also the savings they make. 
For 2022, our Packages are all reduced and you get some other perks too. 
  • 10% off any retail items for the duration of your treatment plan
  • 10% off one Teeth Whitening Treatment
  • 10% off any IPL Hair reduction
What results can you expect?
It really does depend on your starting point as everyone's skin is different but the results we see with these treatments are beautiful. See for your self with these before and after photos below.
IPL Spider vein vascular treatment broken capillary facial
Immediately after one treatment
pigmentation Laser IPL treatment shellharbour
Four weeks after her first treatment
IPL Acne facial treatment shellharbour oak flats
After 4 treatments
Our packages are split into three month and six month packages to tailor to clients needing different levels of treatment. Depending on what you need, we have payment plans and Afterpay available too. 

3 Months:

$949, valued at $1072

Saves you $123

6 Months:

$1889, valued at $2144

Saves you $255

If this sounds like something that you would like to know more about, why not book in for a consultation? Our Therapists can help guide you to the right package to achieve your goals. 
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