Acne & Inflammation

What facials are best for acne and inflammation?

Acne and skin inflammation effects almost 80% of teens and 90% of people by the time they are 40. And it doesn't stop there. Our skin can flare up at any age but we see it most at times of hormonal changes like puberty, during and post pregnancy and also menopause. 

While Acne and inflammation like rosacea can be frustrating, finding the right skin treatments shouldn't be. Below are our three favourite treatments for keeping acne and inflammation calm and clear. 

Ormedic Lift

The Ormedic lift is a gentle enzyme peel that uses fruit enzymes like pineapple, papaya and more to exfoliate and gently polish the skin while delivering essential nutrients and ingredients to restore a calm balanced skin. This is a blend of Organic and Medical techniques and ingredients to give you the care and power all in one treatment. 

Acne Lift

For those clients who need a bit more help with their acne and rosacea concerns, the Acne Lift is a stronger option than our or medic lift. It uses gentle AHA and BHA acids to lift the dead and clogging skin cells away and allow the skin to heal. This treatment is best when performed in a series of 6 treatments starting first with an Ormedic or Signature lift

LED Facial

A great option for our inflammatory skin conditions like Acne and rosacea is LED. This treatment uses minimal touch due to the LED machine that delivers specific wave lengths of light to the skin that triggers a particular response. In this case it would be to break the bacteria cycle and produce healing collagen and elastin to restore the skin's barrier and upper layer to its best condition. 

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