Pigment Buster - Our latest skin treatment package at Oak & Eve Beauty

Pigment Buster - Our latest skin treatment package at Oak & Eve Beauty

First up, what is a treatment package?
Its that time of year where we can make big leaps in our skin condition because the sun isn't hampering our efforts. So to take advantage we bundle together specific treatments to create a package which gives you a perfect routine as well as making a nice saving while you do it.
Pigment Buster
As pigmentation, be it hormonal or environmental, is triggered by the sun, we like to tackle this skin concern in the cooler months where there is less heat, harsh sun and generally a gentler lifestyle. The pigment buster package is designed to break down your pigment and improve the tone of your skin to create an even and glowing complexion. 
What are the treatments?
Every month you get two appointments at fortnightly intervals
Treatment One:
Skin Needling
Sounds scary but I promise, it isn't. Skin Needling is performed using a pen like tool that has microscopic needles in it that penetrate into the skin's surface to a maximum of 1.5mm. They are tiny and often you feel the vibration of the pen more than you do anything else.
How it works:
As the needles generate just the surface of the skin, your body reacts in two ways. The first is a wound healing response to repair the skin which allows beautiful, fresh, collagen filled skin cells to form and create a firmer and smoother skin surface. The second is that the damaged cells that contain the scarring or pigment are flushed out, broken down and then exfoliated off the face in the coming days. This means that the new skin cells that are forming on the surface are more like your original skin tone rather than the darker pigmented colour currently seen. And you get the boost of more collagen to make you look younger too!

Treatment Two:
AHA Peel with LED
An AHA Peel (Alpha-hydroxy-acid) is a gentle treatment that uses AHA's to exfoliate the dead skin cells off the surface of the skin without friction to reveal brighter skin underneath. The best thing about this peel is that the 'Peeling' that happens is not a flaky reaction. Instead as you cleanse over the following week, you'll find your skin feels fresher as these skin cells are washed away. 
An LED facial uses one of our two LED machines to target the exact layer of your skin needed to not only supercharge your Skin Needling and AHA peel results but also to help stimulate collagen again and promote healthy skin growth and brightened complexion. 
After these treatments are completed you come back again the following month to repeat the process and improve your results. 
The Perks:
One of the reasons why our clients love these packages is not only the amazing results they get but also the savings they make. 
For 2022, our Packages are all reduced and you get some other perks too. 
  • 10% off any retail items for the duration of your treatment plan
  • 10% off one Teeth Whitening Treatment
  • 10% off any IPL Hair reduction
What results can you expect?
Depending on your starting point, our clients see a reduction in pigmentation from the second session and within 4-6 sessions most pigmentation is usually gone. Generally the faster results are found in sun related pigmentation and slower with melasma (hormonal pigmentation) as we have to treat it in a gentler way. Take a look at these before and after photos of some of our favourite results below. 
Pigmentation facial
Treating Melasma (Hormonal Pigmentation)
Treating Scarring with Skin Needling, shellharbour
Treating scarring with Skin Needling
Treating pigmentation and fine lines with Skin Needling
Our packages are split into three month and six month packages to tailor to clients needing different levels of treatment. Depending on what you need, we have payment plans and Afterpay available too. 

3 Months:

$799, valued at $867

Saves you $68

6 Months:

$1579, valued at $1734

Saves you $155

If this sounds like something that you would like to know more about, why not book in for a consultation? Our Therapists can help guide you to the right package to achieve your goals. 
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