Body Contouring & Fat Cavitation

Body Contouring and Fat Cavitation Shellharbour

Need a helping hand to reach your body goals?

At Oak & Eve Beauty, we are thrilled to be able to offer you everything you need all in one place from Facial treatments right through to helping you feel more confident in your own skin with Body Contouring, Fat Cavitation and RF Skin Tightening. We can help you melt away your stubborn fat cells and tighten your skin with ease through our treatments and simple at home care steps. 

As an ethical, eco conscious salon we are so proud to be partnering with Pure Fiji to help your body care be wholistic and cover all your needs from Skin laxity, hydration, texture and tone.

Body contouring, AKA Fat Cavitation, is the reduction and removal of fat cells sitting under the skin to give a smoother, more sculpted look to the body. We love seeing results from our clients in areas of stubborn fat pockets, cellulite that never wants to go away and an over all smoother silhouette. Results vary from person to person but you should start seeing results from your first treatment. 

How does it work?
Through ultrasound waves, we heat and flush away the fat cells sitting under the skin. Then your lymphatic system takes over and removes them as waste through sweat and body fluids. 

How many treatments do I need?
Everyone will be different as no two bodies are the same however most clients see the most dramatic results after 3 treatments depending on their starting point. If this is something you would really love to do, why not take us up on our Bundle and save offer?
Purchase three treatments and receive your third for 50% off. Or, Purchase 5 and receive your 6th treatment free!

Get body confident and feel the difference with Body Contouring

Now this is a total game changer. Using the same amount of waves as your regular car radio, we are able to trigger collagen and elastin production within the skin to pull the surface of the skin tighter and smoother with this treatment. Elastin is the stretch of your skin and Collagen is the plump and bounce that helps us look and feel fresher and more youthful. 

How many treatments do I need?
This can very person to person and depending on how much creasing and collagen loss is present however we find more clients see great results at around the 3 treatment mark spread two weeks apart. 

If this is something you would really love to do, why not take us up on our Bundle and save offer?
Purchase three treatments and receive your third for 50% off. Or, Purchase 5 and receive your 6th treatment free!


*Not suitable during pregnancy.

How to get the most out of your body treatment

Like anything, we get the best results with consistency. Treatments can be a one-of treatment to give a last minute pick me up or you can think of these as a short program to boost you to your body goals. Our therapists will complete a thorough consultation with you where you can share your concerns and goals with us to help you achieve your best results. 

Before your treatment:
  • Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your treatment. This will help your skin hydrate from the inside out and help us get a better understanding of deeper issues you want to address. 
  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes to your appointment and your skin is clean and fresh.

At your treatment:
  • At your consultation and first treatment we will assess your needs, take some photos and measurements to track your progress as well as reflect on what we have treated incase new step or protocols need to be added. This gives us the best path forward for you in your treatment process. 

Once your treatment has ended:
  • Listen to the instruction of your therapist. There are different recommendations for different treatments and your specific needs. To prolong the effects of your treatment its best to take their advice to ensure a good outcome. 
  • Like anything at home maintenance is key. If we know what you do at home we can recommend what may be making your results harder to achieve or what we can do to boost them.
  • Book in for your follow up at the recommended time frame to keep your skin healing process going. For the average person, we recommend weekly or fortnightly treatments to gain the momentum and build the stores of collagen and elastin back into your skin. However, we will chat to you about all the different options and pathways to help you achieve your goals in a time frame that suits your needs.