The Wedding Skin Glow starts now! Get facial treatments personalised for you and your big day.

At Oak & Eve Beauty, we know the confidence that healthy skin and a radiant complexion can bring. Thats why we have created a bridal preparation series so you can have the best skin of your life on your wedding day.

Your Skin, Your Day.

The best makeup starts with the best skin. Thats why we take you through your personalised skin journey and help you have radiant, plump skin for the big day and beyond.

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  • Six months to go

    If you have some big skin goals, this is the best time to start your skin journey. Depending on your skin needs, you'll be able to tap into a range of facials treating skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, redness and irritation, fine lines, ageing and more.

  • 3 months to go

    In the three month time frame head straight for our Skin Journey program. This is a series of 6 treatments, two weeks apart. They pack a punch and allow your skin to look the best it ever has. It's our most popular facial program and delivers results every single time.

  • Single Treatments

    If I could choose one facial to have before a special event, it's an O2 Lift. This is a gently exfoliating enzyme peel and oxygen facial rolled into one relaxig thirty minute session.

    Discover radiant, smooth and plump skin. This gives you a beautiful canvas for makeup.

Want to know more?

What kind of facials can I have?

Any! because your program is tailored to your needs, you have the freedom to get the treatments you need and create the skin you want.

How much does it cost?

As each program is personalised, so you have the option to set a budget too. We will work with you and your needs to create the program that suits you and your budget.

What about skincare?

The skincare you do every morning and night makes up a huge part of your results, thats why we help you get started with a simple but effective skincare routine using IMAGE Skincare.

The results we see in our salon and on ourselves are mind blowing. And better yet, the products last you 3-6 months at least so you won't need to keep buying new items every visit.

Do I have to sign up to a program?

Not at all, You can take it one step at a time, but at your first appointment we will let you know what the plan looks like so you can decide how you want to go about it.

We do offer payment plans and bulk buy discounts for your treatments which you are more than welcome to take advantage of or you can pay as you go.

Can any skin type get these facials?

Absolutely. There isn't a skin type we can't treat, and thats why we use the Image Pro Skincare system in salon and love their at home products too.

Even the most sensitive and inflamed skin can be treated as everything is customised to suit your specific needs

Facial Treatments for the Groom

All of our facials are tailored which means it perfect no matter who you are. So there is no reason why the groom should miss out on the indulgence of a great facial. We take it step by step, so even the most nervous groom will still feel at ease in their treatments.

They might not think they need it, but once they are in the treatment room, and in the middle of a good pamper, they will be so glad you made that appointment.

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What about the bridal party?

We love to treat the whole crew, be it bridesmaids, Mums, Dads and even the flower girls. Everyone has the ability to benefit from a great facial no matter what we are treating. Maybe its just for relaxation but we love to treat deeper issues too. So no matter if you have breakouts, unbalanced skin or maybe you want to look a little younger. We have the facial to suit you and your loved ones.

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