Express Facial Treatments

We all know that fitting some much needed me time into your busy schedule can be hard but it doesn't have to be! We have created a wide variety of high powered facial treatments and made them into express treatments of 45 minutes or less. The great thing about these facials is that you still get all the results but on a much shorter time frame so you can come in often and keep your skin looking its very best. 

Our Salon is in Oak Flats, just outside of Shellharbour so we often have clients popping in before, during or after work and need a facial that is nice and quick but still does all the good stuff we see in our Luxury and Signature Facials. 

We have a wide range available for you to select from including a 30 minute skin analysis and consultation to help you get a hold of your skin condition and make steps towards your desired goal. 


Our Express Facials include:

  • Microdermabrasion Treatment - 45 Minutes
    Microdermabrasion combines high exfoliation with targeted skincare to smooth the skin's surface and infuse it with skincare chosen for your specific skin needs. A Microdermabrasion or 'Micro' can be altered to suit many skin types and skin concerns including hydration, fine lines, congestion, uneven skin tone and excess oil.

    This is nicely partnered with our range of peels and LED treatments.
    Ask our team about treatment packages to target your skin concerns.

  • Hydrodermabrasion Treatment - 45 Minutes
    Similar to our Microdermabrasion, Hydro-dermabrasion adds water, serums and vitamins to hydrate, nourish and cleanse deep down inside the skin while also gently exfoliating and shedding dead skincells to give your skin a plumping and hydrating boost.

    While this treatment lends itself more to the drier or mature skin types, those with acne prone or reddened skin may prefer this choice to help balance moisture levels and repair at the same time.

  • LED Collagen Facial - 30 Minutes
    Through Light Therapy using our LED Treatment Mask we can target all your skin concerns from Acne, to Sun Spots and Pigmentation and even Fine lines and wrinkles (and many more!).

    Come and relax under our LED Light Therapy Mask. LED light therapy is a Non UV light treatment which stimulate the energy in your skin cells to increase which gives your skin the extra boost it needs to heal and rejuvenate faster in a non invasive way. Every treatment includes a complimentary Collagen Infusion to plump and nourish your skin even further.
    Our highly trained therapists will talk you through the different options and what they do for your skin concerns to tailor a treatment to your skin needs.

  • IPL Series Facial Treatments - 30 Minutes
    • Acne Management
    • Vascular treatment
    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Pigmentation Reduction
  • Bio Hydra - 45 Minutes
    This mask based hydration treatment is infused with a unique formula,  plant extracts and organic juices with hyaluronic acid. Ideal to treat a dehydrated and dry skin skin as it leaves skin plump, fresh, smoother and more youthful. Perfect pick me up to the skin before any event and even better results are seen when we partner this with an LED Facial. 

  • AHA Starter Peel - 30 Minutes
    Blending AHA’s with enzymes, this bio-active peel is designed to refine and rejuvenate the skin.
    With powerful active ingredients, this peel can be used by itself or it can be added to your facial to skyrocket the results of another facial treatment.

  • Enzyme Peel - 45 Minutes
    The lactic+ enzyme compound combines pure lactic powder with enzyme rich and potent organic dehydrated fruit powders, to deliver a powerful active boost to our existing AHA rejuvenate peel.
    This booster peel is perfect for those clients looking to reduce the signs of aging while increasing cell turn over for ultra glowing, hydrated skin.

    Not suitable during pregnancy.

  • Carbon Express Treatment - 30 Minutes
    We love our carbon facial treatments to help shift congestion, work through your skin concerns and leave your skin bright and fresh. Its a deep exfoliation and clarifying treatment for your face and neck, if you would like to add on your décolletage, we can take care of that too. Just add the service to your booking and you're good to go.
    We can't wait to see your bright and clear complexion!

    While anyone can get this facial, we do not recommend it during pregnancy.


Make your facials booking in our Boutique Salon today. Located in Oak Flats, near Shellharbour. 


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