Give the gift of glowing skin


Founded in 2014 IMBIBE began as a solution to what was the breaking point for founder & CEO, Felicity Evans.

Years into a tireless health journey of digestive problems, exhaustion, prematurely ageing skin, fertility issues and brittle hair hair, Felicity was introduced to the healing properties of fermented foods, probiotics and gut-healing, skin-reviving nutrition.

Armed with an auto-immune diagnosis, determination to radically change her life and an inability to source clean, effective products; Felicity began to skilfully formulate probiotic-rich Kombucha at home to feed her body the nutrients needed to heal, flourish and replenish.

From breaking-point to turning-point and with an ignited passion - Felicity quickly enlisted the assistance of clinical microbiologists to turn the power of probiotics into IMBIBE’s cornerstone product, Beauty Renewal. And years later, a whole range of ingestible beauty and health products to help you thrive.