IPL Hair Removal

IPL Laser Hair Removal Shellharbour Oak Flats

Want silky smooth skin and no more razors?

There is nothing quite as convenient as getting up each day and not having to worry about shaving, waxing or plucking (cringe!). We have seen so many great results from IPL Hair removal, just like laser hair removal, we can eliminate the need for shaving and other hair removal and reduce your inflammation, ingrown hairs and irritations all at the same time. 
Yes, and also no. The long term aim is the same. IPL and Laser hair removal aim to reduce hair growth to give you the hair free results you are after. But the main difference is that we are able to treat more hair colours and skin tones as IPL is much more customised and gentle than laser. 


IPL Hair Removal works in a similar way to Laser except that we are able to target a wider range of hair and skin colours so even the lightest of hairs can be treated. And like laser, we see you every four weeks until the hair stops growing back.
Most people can get IPL as we customise and patch test every client to ensure we get the very best results in the least amount of appointments. If you have been turned away from laser hair removal clinics because of your hair or skin colour, book in for your complimentary patch test today and see what we can tailor for you. We have the benefit of three different techniques and personalised power settings to give you safe and effective hair removal without the never ending and very costly appointments. 
Most skin tones and hair colours are able to have IPL hair removal done. We do need some colour in the hairs though so its not suitable for clear and very blonde hair. As the IPL handpick targets pigment in the hair follicles, there needs to be some colour for it to be able to find it.  

*Not suitable during pregnancy.

How to get the most out of your body treatment

Like anything, we get the best results with consistency. Treatments can be a one-of treatment to give a last minute pick me up or you can think of these as a short program to boost you to your body goals. Our therapists will complete a thorough consultation with you where you can share your concerns and goals with us to help you achieve your best results. 

Before your treatment:
  • Pop in for a free Patch test 24 hours before your treatment. This allows us to push the settings as high as we safely can to get you results sooner.
  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes to your appointment and your skin is freshly shaved, not waxed as we need the root of the hair to still be in the skin. 

At your treatment:
  • At your first appointment we will take you through any questions you have and let you know the process of what to expect and some tips for aftercare. 

Once your treatment has ended:
  • Listen to the instruction of your therapist. There are different recommendations for different treatments and your specific needs. To prolong the effects of your treatment its best to take their advice to ensure a good outcome. 
  • Like anything at home maintenance is key. If we know what you do at home we can recommend what may be making your results harder to achieve or what we can do to boost them.
  • Book in for your follow up or next appointment at the recommended time frame to keep your process going. We recommend one treatment every four weeks. If you are struggling to make it every four weeks we can still treat you however it may take longer to achieve the results you are after.