Perfect Brows

Eyebrows really do make a huge difference to your face. The right brow shape can lift the eyes, balance the top and bottom half of your bone structure and give the perfect frame for your face. Finding the perfect brow shape can be hard and often takes time to get right when guessing at home. Years of over plucking and thinning brows can make it even harder again to find that perfect arch. 

Thats where we come in. 

Talk to our brow artists to help you find the perfect brow shape and colour to support your bone structure and frame your eyes. With both eyebrow threading and waxing available we can also cater to allergies, heat and product sensitivities and personal preference. 

Traditional Brow Wax and Shaping:
Brow waxing is used a method of hair removal using heated wax and cloth, or as we prefer, modern hard wax that cools on the skin and harden before removing. The heated wax is melted and applied to the skin in the area where hair removal is wanted and then pulled from the skin to remove the hair from the roots. This gives you a very clean and long lasting brow shape. When accompanied by a traditional tint, brow dye or henna brow tint you can get up to two weeks of hassle free, no fuss brows before you notice colour fade.

What is Eyebrow Threading?
Eyebrow threading is the removal of hair from the root with cotton thread. This technique originated in Sri Lanka and India and has made its way across the world in recent years. The great thing about threading is that it can be done without tearing the top layer of the skin meaning you won't leave with red or inflamed skin. In fact most clients leave the salon with perfectly groomed brows and have no redness at all. Eyebrow threading is also a great option for those with dry or sensitive skin as no heat touches the skin.