Facial Treatments

Our boutique facials and skin treatments are tailored to suit your skin in every appointment. With a wide range of treatments available you will be able to reveal glowing, beautiful skin in no time. 

We are proud to partner with two skincare brands to bring you the best of organic skincare and clinical treatments. Image Skincare provides a huge variety of treatments and homecare products to ensure we can treat every skin concern we are presented with. And our Spa partner, OrganicSpa allows us to treat our relaxation focused clientele. 


What Facial Treatments do we offer at Oak & Eve Beauty?

Select from the list below, or head over to our blog to help you select a treatment based on your skin concerns. 

Our Spa Facial Range:

Let us nurture your skin while giving you the most relaxing experience to calm and soothe the mind and body at the same time. These facials range from 60 to 75 minutes depending on your skin concerns and all include a beautiful massage to be enjoyed by you. 

Choose from:


Our Peels and Microdermabrasion Facial Treatments:

These facials are more targeted, active and where we see our biggest improvements without the need for machinery and skin penetration. The Image Skincare Treatments and home care items focus on each concern specifically so we can really hit your goals. While most of these treatments are peels based, its nothing to be scared of and flaking is quite rare if the homeware instructions are followed. 

Our facial treatments cater to:

Click the concern above to find out which facials are best for you, or book in for our 'I don't know what I need' facial and let us help you discover your best skin health. 


    Advanced Facials and Treatments:

    Our advanced facials are our machinery based facials such as skin needling, IPL Skin rejuvenation and more. These treatments are best when combined into a series of 6 over a time period to target your specific concerns, lifestyle and age. This way we get to your end goal with healthy, happy skin that is miles from where we started and not just a quick fix with short term results. 

    These facials treat:

    Want to know what treatments are best for your concerns? Click your skin concern above and we will show you what works best for you. 


    And what if after reading this list you want a little help?

    Don't worry at all, we have you covered with two super easy (and relaxing) options. 

    • Our 'I Don't know what I need' Facial is a winner as it leaves all the investigating to us and all the benefit to you. This facial includes a skin analysis, skin care plan and detailed explanation of your current situation from your beauty therapist as well as our Observe skin analysis machine to help us see what's lurking under the skin. Then when the skin consultation is done, we have a tailored facial to give you exactly what you need without you having to guess a thing. And the best thing is we tailor it to do whatever is needed and you don't have to freak out at the register as the price is set at $189 regardless of the treatment you get, making it one of our highest value treatments. 

    • Or if you are just looking to get your skincare routine organised and need to know what to use, how to use and and why. We have your perfect appointment. Its our Skin Reset Appointment and its completely redeemable back in Image Skincare Products to get your started. This appointment still has a thorough consultation like the facial treatment above, but instead of a facial treatment you are taken into one of our treatment rooms and shown how to use the skincare we recommended for your concerns. This way you can experience exactly what you need to do at home and its so much easier to follow and know you are doing the right thing for your skin every day. Ready to discover your best skin? Just click 'Skin Reset' in the booking app below and you'll be on your way. 


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