Before Your Next Appointment

We want you to get the very best out of your appointment with us at Oak & Eve Beauty, and we figured you would like to as well.

​Who doesn't want to have the best?

Most treatments will have a consultation form that is emailed out to you a few days before your appointment. It really helps us prepare if you complete the form and get it back to us by the evening before you arrive. Included in these forms are health and lifestyle questions that may be easier to answer at home, especially if you are taking any medication and can't rattle off the names at the drop of a hat. 


Before Your Next Appointment

The best way to prepare for your next facial or relaxation treatment is to come in ready to unwind. If you usually find it hard to relax, try skipping the coffee for a few hours before you arrive, or if you would like to arrive early, start relaxing in our lounge ahead of time. 
If you are needing help with your skin, the other helpful thing to do is know your skincare routine that you usually do at home and any medication or health issues you may have. The more we know, the better we can help you along the way. 

No one likes a patchy tan. Let's put an end to tacky tanning, shall we?

For our spray tans we use AZURE TAN, it delivers amazing results but any prep makes a huge difference too, These are our top tips:

  • Exfoliate, shave and moisturise at least 24-48 hours before your tan is applied.
  • Moisturise again 24 before your appointment and lightly exfoliate with Pure Fiji Sugar Rub (The blend of 4 nut oils acts as a pre tan hydrator and the sugar is a natural exfoliant and AHA to get those last rough bits off).
  • Shower as close to your tan as possible but ensure your skin and hair is dry at your appointment.
  • Do not wear any lotions, creams, oils etc including deodorant. They act as a barrier to your tan and can make the tan apply unevenly.
    Following your tan:
    • Wait the appropriate amount of time you need to achieve the colour you're wanting.
    • Do not get wet before you are ready to shower your tan off.
    • In your first shower, do not use soap or cleansers, instead rinse with water and wipe the tan gently from your skin.You may notice some colour coming off your skin. This is the guide colour to help us apply your tan more evenly. Your tan will develop over the following 24 hours.
    • Use Pure Fiji Lotion, Oil or Body butter to moisturise daily. We use this because those four nut oils we spoke of earlier, they are the best way to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin. This ensures your tan wears evenly, Drink plenty of water to ensure your skin does not become dehydrated.

    Before your waxing or threading appointment, please ensure you make us aware of anything that may affect your appointment. This includes but is not limited to:​

    • Botox or filler appointments in the previous 3 days.
    • Use of Retinol on your skin.
    • Avoid strong skin treatments for 7 days prior such as Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion etc.
    • To help keep any skin sensitivity to a minimum, avoid alcohol and exercise for at least 12 hours prior to your appointment. Both can increase circulation and inflammation.

    Getting a makeover is always an exciting pampering experience. To help your makeup last as long as possible make sure your skin is hydrated, exfoliated and clean. If you have any break outs, do not squeeze them as it is easier to conceal over smooth skin than broken skin.

    If you have any photos of the makeup style you would like, feel free to bring them along. It's always a great place to start discussing the makeup and what you are wanting to achieve.

    Makeup Lessons take up to 1.5 hours depending on what you would like to learn. If you would like to record or film the lesson on your phone during your time in the salon, you are more than welcome to. We will go over all aspects of what you would like to learn and help you achieve the look you are going for.

    During the lesson, we will recommend products, techniques and skills that you can do at home. The more you practice these skills, the faster they will become a habit. Feel free to contact us after your lesson via phone or email with any questions you may have.

    There are a number of things that can impact how long lasting your teeth whitening treatment will be but the preparations are very important. Follow the below instructions to help you achieve the whitest smile after the Cosmetic Teeth Whitening treatment at our salon.

    • Brush your teeth thoroughly as closed to your appointment as possible.
    • After brushing your teeth avoid strong coloured food and drink.
    • Drink 1-2 glasses of water directly before your appointment.
    After your appointment:
    • For 60 minutes following your appointment only drink water.
    • For the following 24-48 hours avoid strong coloured foods such as red wine, coffee, tea. Basically anything that would stain a white shirt.
    After your treatment you may experience some sensitivity so it is important that you care for your teeth well in the lead up to and following the treatment.

    Before your lash lift and tint appointment please ensure you have removed any water proof eye makeup such as mascara and eye liner.