Lash & Brow

Our Lash & Brow treatments are the perfect pick me up and effortless finishing touch to help you look and feel your best. Select from a range of traditional and modern treatments like Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift & Tinting, Brow Shaping, body waxing, IPL (laser) hair removal and more. 

Brow Shaping, Threading and Waxing

We all know how much difference a good brow can make to the shape of a face. That is why we ensure your brows are assessed before each appointment and then shaped, trimmed and tinted to suit. 

Do your brows need some serious help? We can do that! 
Book your 'Save my brows' appointment to have the TLC your brows need as well as show you how to maintain them at home. Our simple tips and tricks will have your brows looking perfect even when you are nearing your next visit.

If your skin is sensitive or you prefer a non heat option, eyebrow threading can give you great results.


Lash Lifts & Tinting

Want low maintenance lashes without the daily makeup routine? Then a lash lift & tint is your answer. Using a lifting (perming) solution to curl your lashes up and then a conditioning solution to set them, our lash lifts will have your lashes looking longer and more defined in as little as 45 minutes. Better yet, finish with a tint and you'll look like you already have a perfect coat of mascara when you roll out of bed. 

The thing we love most about a lash lift is that they are your lashes. You can rub your eyes, wear makeup, swim, sweat and whatever else you like without it effecting your lashes. Unlike eyelash extension, a lash lift doesn't require constant maintenance. Once every 6 weeks is plenty or just have it as a one-of treatment to give you a pick me up.


Facial Waxing, threading & IPL Hair Removal

There is always a time when a bit of hair pops up that we don't love on our faces. At Oak & Eve Beauty we have you covered. Between Waxing, threading and IPL Hair removal we can find a solution to suit your needs. 

Facial waxing is a tried and tested option but it doesn't suit everyone. Thats where threading can be handy. If you are more on the sensitive side, have irritated skin such as sunburn or a break out, we can still remove your unwanted hair with threading as it doesn't impact the top layer of your skin. 

Or if you are after a more permanent solution, IPL Hair removal is your go to. IPL works to reduce and eliminate the hair growth over a series of appointments much like laser hair removal does. We find that clients prefer this method as it gives the long term results we are after and can be done virtually anywhere on the body. On average a client will need around 6 sessions to get to their desired results but this can vary depending on the type of hair growth.


Eyelash Extensions

Working with the health of your own natural lashes, we boost and recreate your lash line to frame and enhance your eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, Well, let us build the perfect frame with eyelash extensions. All done while you relax in our beautiful salon and day spa in the quaint village of Oak Flats. 

Choose between Classic, Hybrid or Volume lash extensions or allow us to design a lash style to suit your eye and face shape.

*Please note we are unable to take on any new Eyelash Extension Clients at this time. We have a waitlist available if you wish to be added. 


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