Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

Why not add some glow?

The finishing touch of every special occasion beauty regime is a glowing spray tan. The tans we use at Oak and Eve Beauty are all cruelty free and give you a range of beautiful and natural colours and tones. 
We stock a wide range of skin and body products including Eco Tan range of ethical and organic tanning and body products to help you achieve and maintain your Summer glow all year round.
Our tanning range:
  • Eco Tan Rich Honey - As the name suggests, rich honey gives a warm golden tan in beautiful honey tones. All natural ingredients and no toxic chemicals or skin dyes.
  • Eco Tan Two - Our deeper bronze Tan from Eco Tan for those looking for a more mediterranean coloured tan. Deep in colour, green based tones so no orange!
  • Bondi Sands - Medium Ash. A great colour for light to medium skin tones wanting a boost but not to look too tanned 
  • Bondi Sands - Ultra Dark. For tanners of all skin tones looking for a dark bronzed tan or wanting to wash the tan off within an hour for a lighter glow.

Tan prep is key. Without a proper preparation the tan will dry patchy or wear unevenly. The best way to prepare for your Bondi Sands spray tan is to shower, exfoliate, shave and moisturise the day before. This way your skin is not inflamed and the moisturiser has had plenty of time to absorb. Right before your tan please ensure your skin is clean of any makeup, deodorant or creams as it will act like a barrier between your skin and the tanning liquid and wont absorb evenly. We find its best to shower 15-30 minutes prior to your tanning appointment and ensure your hair is dry and pulled back. Bondi Sands takes 24 hours to fully develop on the skin.

If you prefer to use Eco-Tan, we recommend completing your exfoliation and hair removal no closer than 48 hours prior to your spray tan as eco tan needs a little build up of skin cells to appropriately colour the skin. For this reason we recommend Eco tan when you haven't had a chance to do your prep or haven't done it within 48 hours. Eco Tan takes 48 hours to fully develop on the skin.

The average spay tan lasts 7-10 days when cared for correctly. Like any beauty appointment, there are things you can do to make your tan last longer. Ensuring you moisturise your skin daily and don't rub the skin too harshly with towels after showering can make a huge difference to the life of your tan. Areas that tend to fade first are those that receive the most friction like under arms, near straps of tight or rough clothing and around your ankles from shoes.

Put simply the tan continues to darken and develop until you wash it off. Some tans can however change colour if left on for too long as its reacts to the acid or alkaline in your skin.

As long as you have waited the two hour period after your tan is applied then yes. We find that Chlorinated pools are particularly harsh on tans so its best to shower shortly after and apply moisturiser.

You can park right at our front door! Along Central Ave, Oak Flats there is parking and also at the rear in Ayers Lane. It's easy in and out even in the rain. If its looking like its going to rain before your appointment pack and umbrella and wear clothing that covers you but is loose like track pants and ugg boots. The areas that are most effected if in the rain are your feet and ankles from splashing.