Why we love Pure Fiji body products

Why we love Pure Fiji body products

We are often asked what we use or recommend when chatting to our clients and friends, and there are so many beauty products out there that it can be hard to know what is worth the investment and what is just smoke and mirrors. 

At Oak & Eve Beauty we test and try everything before we add them to our salon ranges or use them in our treatments because we want to know how they work, what they do and who they are as a business. It's not only important from a technical perspective but it's also so that we know we are supporting ethical and sustainable businesses to make a better planet for tomorrow. 

Over the last twelve months our salon has expanded to the shop next door and now we have a day spa as well. (Who would have thought one day Oak Flats would have a day spa?!) When it came time to find a body product to use in our treatments we knew we wanted something luxurious, ethical and above all else performs well for both in salon and at home needs. After much digging and very tough testing (think soaking in a bath tub, lathering on copious amount of body butter and smelling oh so good for it) we decided to add Pure Fiji to our salon brands. 

For us, this was the first product that wasn't Australian made which was a hard thing to stray from but when we spoke to the team and learnt what they were all about it was the right choice. 

Pure Fiji, yes has beautiful products, but they are so much more than that as a business. They care about their team and the environment in many different ways that really make you appreciate their efforts and in turn their products too. We learnt that the factories where Pure Fiji products are made, do everything by hand.  Products are manufactured, packed and shipped and even the harvesting of their natural ingredients are done in traditional and sustainable ways and all by hand. 

When we were sitting with the team from Pure Fiji (PBS) she was telling us some things about the company and one thing that really stood out was that they will only turn on the machines if they can't keep up with demand. Why? Because each machine, if run all the time, takes 10 jobs away from the local community. Would it be easier to run with machines? Yes, and it would certainly be cheaper, but they care about their people. 

It's reasons like this that we love to know more about the brands we work with. Its not just a nice cream or a fancy serum. It's about the ethics and the people of the brand that allow us to not only love the products but to feel good about recommending the brand as a whole. 

If you would like to check out the Pure Fiji Range we have at Oak & Eve Beauty, click here.


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