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Our best facials for Angry and sensitive skin

If we had a dollar for every time we hear that a client has sensitive skin well, we wouldn't be working anymore, We would be rich! It's so common and the reason why we hear about sensitive skin all the time is that is severely misunderstood. Sensitive skin isn't a skin type like many people are led to believe, its a temporary condition that comes from something that has upset the barrier function of the skin. Once our barrier is impaired it means our skin can't protect itself and then it becomes vulnerable to things that can throw our skin way off track and we end up with over sensitised skin. 


How do we treat sensitive skin?

The main thing that we do when someone has an issue with sensitivity is that we  nourish, heal and repair the skin barrier so that we can build a healthy skin that protects itself from external factors. By doing this the skin is able to function in a healthy way and you can get on with your life and just maintain your skin health. No one wants red, irritated and upset skin. So we start by healing. 

What treatments are best to heal sensitive skin?

We have a few options and it will depend on the needs of the individual client in front of us. But we generally recommend two main options

  • First up is LED. LED facials use light therapy to trigger energetic reaction in the skin and help the skin act the way we want it to. Often for our clients who are in a period of sensitivity, we like to use the NIR (near-infrared) or Red lights to help heal and boost collagen production and blood flow in the skin. By doing this is helps to bring your skin out of a state of stress and pulls vital nutrients to the surface through blood flow which can start the healing process. The other great this about LED for sensitivity is that there is very little touching. The machine does the work for you and this way your skin isn't further inflamed through rubbing or heat when its already upset. 
  • Secondly our o2 Lift facial is a perfect option for someone looking to calm, renew and brighten the skin. The o2 stands for Oxygen which activates upon contact with the skin. It’s then drawn in and pulled through to where it’s most needed. Partner this with the fruit enzyme exfoliating gel mask and you’ll have smoother, brighter skin without irritation. 


We find the reason why many clients aren't getting results from their skincare at home is that they are using too many strong ingredients and going for something overly chemically laden or too active which isn't meant to be used daily. Instead we have great results when we strip back the skincare to a few simple steps and focus on nourishment and skin health. Then once we are in a good place and the skin can handle a little stress in the form of stronger treatments or home care, we can step it up and start to treat secondary concerns.

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