New year, Same you. Just refocused and ready to improve your skin health and well being

New year, Same you. Just refocused and ready to improve your skin health and well being

It's a new year and a new chance to set some intentions and reach our goals. It doesn't always mean we have to make dramatic changes but we can aim to improve something about ourselves like our skin!

If this sounds like you, when it comes to self care and skin wellness intentions, we can help. If all you want in 2023 is to get glowing, healthy skin and a simple skincare routine that actually works then keep reading. 

We have been working on something to help you unwind, reset and gain a better understanding of your skin. If you are armed with the right skills and knowledge, you have the power to make the right decisions and get closer to your goals of healthy glowing skin. 

So, how can we help you achieve this?

Our Rockstar Therapist, Jayde, who many of you know by now, has some space this month to spend some quality time getting to know your skin with our In depth consultations and skin reset treatments. 

What is it exactly?

Step one: Book in your appointment, it takes up to an hour from arrival to finishing up.

Step two: Complete the consultation forms we send out a few days in advance. In these forms we want to know what you are currently doing for your skin, what you are wanting to work on and your health/lifestyle information. If we know this in advance we can research what you are currently using and if its working, great, if not we have the time to create a plan in advance tailored to your needs.

Step three: At the appointment. Come on in with no makeup or SPF on your skin. We will do a full skin analysis with our Observ520 machine that sees deeper into the skin that what we can with our eyes alone and gives us a more well rounded approach to the health of your skin. Then Jayde will have a chat to you about what we can see, how that matches up to your goals and concerns and what the best course of action will be. It doesn't have to be complicated but we want it to be the right one for you. 

Step four: Head on into the treatment room to experience the products as well as some beautiful facial massages to get the blood pumping to the surface of the skin, bringing with it oxygen to plump and glow. Essentially this is a mini facial treatment made up of your daily routine, so its something you can replicate and you get to really understand how to use the products and what to do with them once you get home. 

Sound good? Well it gets even better because the cost of the treatment, $99, is redeemable back in products you need. This means you get the entire treatment and consultation for free and the $99 goes towards the products you need to help you achieve those skin goals and get you started. 

Want to grab an appointment?

Click here, you'll be booked in no time. 

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