Body contouring: AKA Fat cavitation

Body contouring: AKA Fat cavitation

What is body contouring:

By the use of ultrasound wave technology, we are able to reduce stubborn fat cells sitting under the skin to reveal more toned, smooth skin. Everyone has a smooth sculpted figure under neath and sometimes we need a little extra help to find it. By using Body contouring techniques along-side a healthy lifestyle, we are able to speed up the loss of centimetres and flush fat cells away through your body’s natural cycles. 


Is it invasive?

No. there is no down time, there is no pain, the only thing you feel is the warmth of the ultrasounds handpiece as it massages through your chosen area


How does it work?

Our ultrasound handpiece works by sending heated waves through the skin to melt away fat cells. We measure the temperatures within your skin through infrared thermometer until we reach 42 degrees Celsius. This is where the magic happens. From this temperature we continue to massage the area using the handpiece for the required time to help you lose the cm in areas that are usually hard to shift. Think of spots like the bottom of the abdomen, hips (love handles), upper thighs, beside the knees, backs of the arms, around the buttocks and more. 


Can you sculpt the shape of my body?

Yes we can, in particular we see this in our Brazilian butt lift treatments. As the area is massaged we are able to shift the fat cells while smoothing to help plump while reducing cellulite. 


Is it permanent?

The treatment permanently destroys the fat cells currently in the area you are treating but won’t prevent it from coming back in the future. 


Does it work on everyone?

While we can treat most people, we find those with a BMI of 28 or lower achieve the best results. The reason for this is that we are able to reduce fat in areas that have pockets rather than larger areas where a higher amount of fat loss is needed to achieve your aesthetic goals. 


When should I get Body contouring done?

We find best results in clients who are in a healthy weight range who need some extra help rather than those at the start of their weight loss journeys. While we can treat all clients regardless of size, we often see very slow results in clients who have a larger amount of weight to lose. 


Can it help with cellulite?

Yes it can but only on soft cellulite. This is the type of cellulite that you can smooth and stretch out or push together. If it feels hard to smooth out or you can feel it under the skin regardless of your position then this is hard cellulite and cannot be treated. 

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend between 6 and 10 treatments anywhere from 3 days to a week apart. Depending on your lifestyle, this may vary as more active clients (particularly right after the treatment) will see better and longer lasting results. 


Do I need to do any prep?

Drink lots of water beforehand and bring your jogger with you. 


After the treatment:

Experts recommend going for 30 minutes of cardio exercise following your treatment. This can be any exercise that can increase your heart and breathing rate. If a brisk walk does it for you, that’s all you need. While the gym junkies may prefer to hit a gym session, go for a run or intense bike ride. This is because it helps your body sweat out the newly ‘melted’ fat cells and flush them from your body, 


Is there any down time?

No downtime but you skin will feel heated from the treatment. This usually settles within an hour or two following exercise. We do recommend upping your water intake to help flush it out of your body and decreasing the amount of toxins in the body like alcohol as it puts stress on your body’s natural cleansing. 


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