Eyelash Extensions

Lash ExtensionsWant to know more about Eyelash Extensions?

Professionally applied eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular every day. We love doing lashes and transforming our clients' eyes and faces with this simple treatment. Ditch the mascara and heavy eye makeup and wake up with perfect lashes every day.

But what kind of lashes are best for you? Lets have a look at the different styles so you know exactly what you are after before coming into our Oak Flats Beauty Salon. 
Eyelash Extensions can be broken down into three main categories. Classic Lashes, Hybrid Lashes and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. They all have different looks and benefits but it can be difficult to decide if you havent ever had them before. Everything you need to know is written below. Let's dig in shall we?

Classic Eyelash Extensions

The original lashes and where it all began was with the Classic style. Classic Eye Lash Extension are best known as the most natural lashes you can get. They add length, make them darker and curlier but not as far as a false eyelash.

By adding a single eyelash extension to each individual natural lash you can accentuate your lashes without them being over powering. Each lash is individually assessed and extensions' length and weight is chosen accordingly. 

If you want a little kick, but don't want to feel like you are wearing false eyelashes every day then these are a great option for you. They are very easy to maintain and feel as if they aren't even there. 

​Many clients start with classic eyelash extensions before trying other styles in time. 

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

​These are the fun lashes! A little more than natural but not quite at the false eyelash stage either. You can choose to have fluffy lashes with a mix of different lengths and thicknesses or to recreate a natural false lash to be able to wear them daily without the efforts. 
By mixing single classic lash fibres with Russian volume fans you can create a custom lash look. There are so many different ways to mix them which can be hard to choose however we have sample styles in the salon that give you a great way to see what they are like before having them applied. Simple hold them up to your eyes to try the different style. 

This is something that is unique to our Salon and the Shellharbour area, We felt it was important for you to be able to try your eyelash extension style before committing to wearing them for the weeks following. 

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Now these lashes are serious business. If you love a full glam look with a nice dark lash line then Russian Volume Lash Extensions are definitely for you. 

Each lash has a fan of extensions applied with ultra fine fibers to give you a super fluffy lash. The hairs are so thin, less than a twentieth of a millimetre! And these thin hairs and fibres allow the lash to stay strong while having the extensions applied. 

The longer and stronger the lash the more it can hold. So the maximum length and thickness of the lashes is determined by your natural lash health. 

Volume Eyelash Extensions do take time. Most full sets can take up to two hours to complete. To ensure we have plenty of time please arrive without makeup on. 


Almost everyone can have eyelash extensions applied. At our salon we take the time to consult with you before your appointment to make sure you are a candidate. Some health issues like thyroid conditions or even pregnancy can effect how well your eyelashes hold or how healthy your lashes are. If anything comes up in your consultation we will ensure it is catered to any you are aware of anything that may change the style you wish to have.

Our salon cuts the age limit for eyelash extensions at 16 years of age. Under the age of 16 we are unable to apply eyelash extensions. A great alternative for our younger clients is a Lash lift and tint. They are much easier, require less follow up appointments and give a more natural finish.

Eyelash extensions are applied to each natural eyelash so they grow off the eyes like your own hair grows. The average lash hair growth cycle lasts 6 weeks which means every 6 weeks we have a whole new set of natural eyelashes. Some people have a shorter growth cycle and some are longer so it can vary but 6 weeks is a good guide to have. This means that if you want to keep your lashes even and full all the time its best to have them infilled at around the half way point, 3 weeks.

Yes! Absolutely! Getting your eyelashes wet helps the glue last longer as it stays flexible rather than dry and brittle. At the end of your appointment we will wash your lashes and eye area and we recommend cleaning them daily with your lash cleanser and water.

There are a few little things you can do to help care for your lashes better. The main thing to remember is to keep the lashes clean. Oil and makeup residue is the enemy of your eyelash extensions.

By all means wear makeup but ensure it is washed off at the end of every day to make your lashes last longer.

Our top tips for caring for your lashes are:

  • Wash daily with lash cleanser.
  • Avoid oil and oily makeup remover around your eyelashes.
  • Brush them from above after you get them wet and when waking up of a morning
  • No Lash curlers! Your extensions are curly enough and will hold their curl as well so eyelash curlers will only damage them.
  • Avoid using mascara on your eyelash extensions as it sticks them together and if very hard to clean it out.
  • Don't tug or play with your lashes. They are stronger than you think so there is a good chance you will pull your natural eyelash out with them.

You may have heard some gossip about the dangers of lash extensions. However, as long as they are correctly applied, eyelash extensions are very safe. A good technician knows to pay attention to the condition of your natural eyelashes, and never place too much weight on an individual lash. This keeps your natural lashes from breaking, and ensures that your extensions will last as long as possible.

However, when applied poorly—such as by an inexperienced technician, or a botched home job—the extensions can indeed make a mess of your natural eyelashes. This is definitely one of those times when the cheapest option isn't necessarily the best choice! Fortunately, we can usually remove botched extensions to give you a fresh start (usually after letting your lashes recover a bit first!). ​

Finally, don't try to remove eyelash extensions yourself! The adhesive is strong stuff, so you could easily damage your real lashes in this way. If you need your extensions gone, please make an appointment to have them properly removed.

There are various types of eyelash extensions on the market: acrylic, silk, mink and faux-mink. Each has different properties. I use high quality synthetic and silk lashes with my clients, so I can offer the most natural look in a style and length to suit your eye shape.

  • Acrylic lashes, often just called "synthetic lashes", are firm and sturdy, and hold a curled shape very well. Thick and heavy, these lashes look more glamorous than natural. A good choice for a dramatic party look, especially since they are more affordable. However, they won't last as long as other types, and are not a good choice for a natural appearance.
  • Silk fibre lashes are finer and more flexible than acrylic, a closer match to real eyelashes. Silk eyelash extensions are a versatile type; applied with subtlety they create a great natural look, but you can also add volume 'layers' to glam them up. Lighter than acrylic, silk lashes last longer and are better suited to natural lashes which are fine or brittle. Silk fibre is the preferred lash extension at my studio, as it provides a lovely soft and natural appearance at a good price. ​
  • Mink lashes are made using animal fur, so you won't find them in my lash kit! However, high quality faux-mink lashes are virtually indistinguishable from real mink, eliminating the possibility of animal cruelty. These lashes are extremely fine and soft, with a silky feeling that's just like real eyelashes. They're also super lightweight, which makes them perfect for naturally fine lashes.

Eyelash extensions use a medical-grade adhesive, specially designed for use near the eye area. This type of adhesive produces minimal odours and fumes, and the techniques used by our lash artists prevents it from coming into contact with your eyes or skin, keeping the risk of irritation very low. You should never feel any pain during the eyelash extension process.

​In extremely rare cases, allergic reactions do occur as a result of having eyelash extensions applied. It's important to speak up right away if you feel any kind of pain or discomfort during the eyelash extension process, so we can stop work immediately and in most cases make adjustments and continue to give you beautiful lashes. It is imperative that no makeup is around the eye area as the fumes of the glue can react to the makeup and cause irritation to the eyes.

If you have any health concerns about eyelash extensions, we are more than happy to chat and put your mind at ease.

We recommend having a patch test 72 hours prior to having eyelash extensions applied for the first time. This will help eliminate any surprises or large allergic reactions before your appointment.

Yes you can wear contacts after getting eyelash extensions however not while the extensions are being applied.

Firstly, make sure you come in with clean eyelashes—no mascara or makeup. You will want to avoid oil-based cleansers/makeup removers and moisturisers, for at least 48 hours before your appointment. All these products can interfere with the adhesive, preventing you from getting proper, long-lasting extensions. ​

Also, don't have your eyelashes permed less than 6 weeks before your appointment. Perming solution can interfere with the adhesive, so we need to be sure that it's completely cleaned off and permed lashes grown out before trying to apply extensions.

All our eyelash extensions are applied at our salon in Oak Flats, just five minutes from Shellharbour and 25 minutes south of Wollongong.

Unfortunately we are unable to cater to mobile eyelash extension appointments but welcome you to visit the salon. Our hours are varied and offer both day and evening appointment times to help you find a time that suits.

We often have new clients who arrive with eyelash extensions already on. While we do try as much as possible to infill rather than start fresh, depending on the application quality and style we may not be able to. If this is you please book in for an SOS Lash appointment. These appointments are designed to give us a little more time to assess your lashes and make sure you leave with beautiful eyes, free from any irritation and in a cohesive style.


You can find all our prices for full sets, infills and lash infills from other salons via our book now link. You can view timing, prices and see available times before needing to commit to an appointment