Winter Skin Essentials

Winter Skin Essentials

We all know that winter isn’t friendly to our bodies, both inside and out we are effected by the colder weather and harsher conditions, but what we often struggle to manage is the effects of the elements and help protect ourselves over autumn and winter.

Internal beauty essentials:

Let’s think about our inner beauty and health first. Our skin often represents what’s going on inside and it can speak volumes about our health.

Ingestible beauty is on the rise, and for a good reason, we can boost our skin, hair and nail health so much but taking a good quality supplement. But its important you know what to look for and how each one works.

We love two inner beauty products for a year round boost but particularly in winter. Both from Imbibe Living, Collagen Powder and Beauty Renewal drink are your best friends to keep your skin and gut functioning and healing correctly.


How do they work?

Miracle Collagen Powder boosts your collagen stores and replaces lost collagen within our bodies and is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth, Plumpness within the skin and increase elasticity. And what’s better is that its 100% tasteless. No yucky aftertaste at all. We love it in our tea, coffee and hot chocolates as it has a bit of a creamy texture, but you can mix it with any drink you like. Take 2.5g (the size of your average tea spoon) daily dissolved in a hot or cold drink and watch your skin transform.

Beauty renewal is a different kind of internal beauty drink as it helps repair and protect the lining of our gut. Think of the lining of our gut as the filter for your body from the inside out. Our skin is the other filter which protect from the outside. It’s so important to maintain internal gut health in modern times as we have never before been exposed to so much pollution (in air, in the food we eat), preservatives and also stress. All of these things can affect our gut health and as a result our gut can’t perform correctly and it in turn effects lots of things for us like bloating, poor sleep and more including our skin. Beauty renewal is a once a day drink that tastes divine. Pomegranate and grape seed naturally flavour this beauty tonic. Add 15ml to cold water and drink on an empty stomach for best results.


Take home beauty products

Cream Mask from OrganicSpa

This is one of our favourite hack products. It’s a god send for time poor, or Lazy (me!) beauty babes as it can be used as an overnight sleep mask. How? Apply like a night cream and that’s it. Wash your face in the morning as normal and you’ll notice the extra plump and hydration to your skin. The cream mask contains ultra-hydrating ingredients such as Cocoa & Shea Butters which also help reduce redness & boost Vitamin E to help protect your skin from external elements like wind & artificial heating.

Biohydra serum

One of our best sellers, and for a good reason. Biohydra serum is a water based serum, making it suitable for all skin types, with boost your skin’s stores of moisture and also teach it to retain optimal moisture levels. With key ingredients featuring hyaluronic Acid and PGA (holds 50 times its weight in water!) you’ll boost your hydration stores in no time. Plus is contains a mix of antioxidants from native organic berries such as Riberry, Pepperberry and Muntries to protect your skin too. Apply a pea sized amount morning and night after your cleanser and follow with your regular moisturiser to lock it in.


What treatments are best during Winter?

If you really want to give your skin a makeover, then a series of Skin Needling treatments are going to do just that. Without the harsh ray from the sun, you skin is able to withstand our more intense treatments without risk of pigmentation popping up. Skin Needling, also called micro needling or collagen induction therapy, is a powerful treatment which can help with most texture and tone concerns such as open pores, fine lines, scarring, pigmentation and melasma, and more. Its also great for those who have quite fine and delicate skin as it helps to thicken the outer layer of your skin by increasing the amount of natural collagen your skin produces. In a nut shell, more plump and bounce and less uneven texture and tone. Who wouldn’t want that?

Our other great treatment through winter is a combination treatment. A biohydra facial with LED. The biohydra treatment boosts your stores of moisture through hyaluronic acids (our hydrating acid) while calming and soothing the skin. And with the addition of an Led treatment this boosts your skin’s collagen production, reduces redness, and gives better clarity in your skin. The other benefit of having this with another facial is that LED light can help the skin absorb your skincare better while boosting the effects of the key ingredients.



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