What Is Skin Needling And Why You Need It This Winter

What Is Skin Needling And Why You Need It This Winter

Breakdown of our Skin Needling Treatment

Skin Needling aims to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, scarring, ageing and uneven skin texture by  boosting natural collagen and breaking down unwanted pigmentation caused by hormones, sun damage, incorrect product usage, scarring and more. The best time to treat pigmentation and have invasive treatments like skin needling performed is through autumn and winter. Why? It comes down to heat and the sun. Pigment is caused and/or enhanced by the sun and heat. And, Skin Needling, without correct home care, can make you more prone to environmental damage if you aren’t careful. So for that reason, when we are outside less and the sun only comes out for a few hours a day, its a perfect time to treat your skin to a series of pigmentation treatments and get your glowing, even complexion back once and for all. 
Skin Needling


During the 6 treatments, we create micro injuries through the tiny needles (that are less than 1.5mm long), we are able to create a controlled healing environment and enable new, collagen filled and healthy skin to come to the surface without completely destroying the upper layer of the skin. The response your body has when an injury occurs is to have blood rush to the surface and start the healing process with whatever it has available. This means if the skin is in stress, from an injury, illness or through damage like the sun, it will inhibit its ability to heal back to its original state. However, because we are creating micro injuries, without trauma to the skin, it heals in better condition than when we found it. Lastly, Our LED treatments between each needling can compound the effects and speed up the healing process to ensure less down time with each treatment. 
Skin Needling

Why do we need so many treatments?

Like all good things, they take time. But your skin needs these MICRO injuries, not full destruction to enable it to heal well, and boost both collagen and break down pigment at the same time. As a result, it can be a slow process, but it's a process that is measured and with correct home care, gives amazing results that will last years. 
Skin Needling

Is there any down time?

You will find you skin is red and warm for the next 6-12 hours. But thats what we want, the inflammatory response ensures a rush of blood flow and with that brings our magical collagen to the surface of the skin to give you the best healing possible. The next day you can resume normal activities and wear makeup so there isn’t a prolonged period of irritation or redness. 
Skin Needling

Do I need touch ups over time?

This is a question that has two different answers depending on how much care you take at home to prolong and enhance results as well as what your lifestyle is like. Most clients return after around 12 months if only using needling to maintain results however, the home care is the most important factor. Just think of it like diet and exercise. You can slog it out at the gym but if you grab a pizza on the way home, plus an ice cream and top it off with some soft drink… you probably wont see the results you’re after. The same goes for you skin. To rid your complexion of pigmentation, it requires maintenance but it is simple if you are using the right things at home. 

Is there anyone who can’t have needling done?

Unfortunately, like any treatments there are people who aren’t suitable. Our expecting mums, those who are receiving treatments for cancer and individuals on blood thinners are not the best candidates. Also clients who usually heal with keloid scarring are not suitable candidates for skin needling. We have some other amazing treatments for pigmentation and skin resurfacing that are suitable for all these clients so don’t be afraid to ask us about your options. 
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