LED facials for Acne, redness, fine lines and wrinkles, collagen production, wound healing, burn healing, pigmentation and brightening

What is an LED Facial? Is it right for me?

At Oak & Eve Beauty we find LED to be one of our most popular facial treatments, both by itself and alone. The this about LED (light emitting diode) facials is that almost any skin concern can be treated in a quick and efficient manner (hello time poor, busy bees!) but it can also be used to amplify the benefits of other facial treatments so you get more rapid results. 


So What is LED and How does an LED Facial work?

LED stands for light emitting diode which is really just a technical term. What is more important is how it works to help your skin. The LED light has several different setting that give off energy which penetrates to different parts of the skin and stimulates the skin cells to take different actions. These actions then assist your skin to function in a healthy and more active way giving you healthier skin cells and an improved barrier function. The great thing about these different light setting is that they penetrate down to different areas of the skin that skincare traditionally can't reach. This means you are helping your skin from the inside out as well as from the surface with your skin treatments and home care.


What can be treated with LED Lights and LED facials?

Most skin concerns can be treated with LED. Our LED machine at Oak & Eve Beauty is one of the most powerful available in the market and delivers more light, and therefore more energy, to the skin than most others available. 

We treat:

  • Aging and collagen loss
  • Wound Healing and inflammation
  • Acne by breaking the bacteria cycle
  • Pigmentation and uneven skintone
  • Scarring
  • Dullness within the skin

The concerns above all have different settings which can be tweaked and tailored to your specific concerns. This may mean you half your treatment between two settings such as Wound healing and Acne to help break the cycle while also calming the active breakouts and redness. Or perhaps you are looking to use LED as preparation for an event so you might opt for a brightening and plumping option of half anti aging and half brightening. The options are endless and we are so proud to be able to tailor these options to your specific skin needs.


How often do I need an LED facial?

This all comes down to your specific concerns and also your lifestyle. LED facials can be used daily for very rapid results but thats not often possible or realistic. What we find is that inflammatory and wound healing clients need the LED facials more often and those looking for brightening, anti aging and collagen formation do not need it as much. To give you a specific plan for your needs we recommend booking for a facial treatment and we can perform a skin analysis to give you a plan that suits your needs. 


Who can't get an LED Treatment?

Our main issue that prohibits clients from getting an LED facial would be photosensitising medication. There are some others but they aren't common. During pregnancy you can still get LED facials done, we alter the treatment plan slightly and require a doctors note for clearance. 



If you think LED might be right for you, why not book in for a LED facial treatment? Or if you aren't quite sure, we have a facial we call the 'I don't know what I need' Facial. As i'm sure you've guessed, we take the guess work out of your hands and tailor a treatment to suit you. 

All thats left to do is book online, then come on in and see us.

We are located at 58b Central Ave, Oak Flats. Just off the Oak Flats/Shellharbour inter change and only a 10 minute walk from Oak Flats train station. 

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