Unlimited LED Lounge facials for $59 per week! Don't miss out

Unlimited LED Lounge facials for $59 per week! Don't miss out

You read that right, UNLIMITED LED Lounge facials for just $59

To celebrate the launch of our LED Lounge express treatments we are giving you the chance to experience Unlimited LED facials for $59 a week over 6 weeks. 

This offer is too good to be true so it won't last long. 

With only 10 packages available, you don't want to miss out


But What is LED and how does it work?

LED is a light based skin therapy that has been around for decades. Its known for its non invasive skin regenerative effects as well as decreasing inflammation, healing time and irritation. So your skin will not only be healthier and heal faster, it will boost collagen, promote health cell formation and reduce discolouration. 


What is an LED Lounge?

Its just like a regular LED facial but its semi self serve. Our therapists take you through to the private treatment room, cleanse your skin and set up the machine for your desired skin goals. Then for 20 minutes you are left alone to relax and unwind while your skin gets to work. Listen to your favourite podcast or music or simply enjoy the quiet. 

At the end of your treatment, your finishing products are ready for you to apply and you are on your way. 


Why do you need it?

LED is a great way to prepare your skin for whatever is coming next or maintain your results. Its the easiest way to support and boost your skin health while helping your skincare work better, and other salon treatments boost their effectiveness. An in just 25 minute treatments, its quicker than a gym work out and gives instant and long term effects. 


With a single session costing $49, to get up tp 5 treatments a week for just $59, you'd be crazy to miss this chance. 


If you'd like to snap up a 6 week LED Lounge membership, just click here to sign up. And we will be in touch for your first session booking. 

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