Our Winter Range of Spa Facials

Our Winter Range of Spa Facials

We are so excited to launch our completely refreshed range of Spa Facials that are the indulgent, comforting treat we all need for both skin and mind as we approach the cooler months. There is nothing better, in our opinion, than a facial that doesn't just stop at your face. It takes you away from the daily stressors and allows you to relax in mind and body, while your therapist treats your skin to the rejuvenation and care it needs.  

While we have had relaxing spa facials before, this carefully designed range is something we are so excited about. Some are existing facials made more luxurious and others are completely new. They are the perfect combination of relaxation and results thanks to the talented hands of our team and the powerful products from Image Skincare. 

So whats in store for you this winter at Oak & Eve Beauty?

Heated beds, more massage, warm steamed masks and all the touch points you crave in a relaxing day spa experience. Plus the skin rejuvenation you need through targeted professional skin care and advice. 

Our New and improved Spa Facials:

  • Classic Facial
    This is everything you need to just melt away to another world while we treat your skin to an ultra hydrating and renewing facial treatment. Its 60 minutes of total bliss and is a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. 

  • Illuminate & Glow Facial
    Boost luminosity and promote radiant, healthy-looking skin with this antioxidant rich facial. This results-driven luxury treatment is perfect for all skin types and helps to brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This is one of our most popular facials, now extended to add in more massage and relaxation.

  • Balance & Renew Facial
    If your skin is in need of some TLC, rebalancing and clarifying then this is the facial for you. It combines Organic and Medical together to give you soothed, calm skin while working hard to decongest and clear the skin of impurities. This is one of our most popular facials, now extended to add in more massage and relaxation.

  • Max Contour Facial
    Deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation and lifting peptides. This facial combines it all and a Gua Sha lymphatic drainage massage to reduce puffiness and soothe the facial muscles while focusing on plumping and lifting aging and lax skin.

  • Be Clear Acne Facial with LED

    Ideal for clients who are concerned with acne, break outs and inflammation. This powerful treatment combines the power of LED with targeted skincare while giving you the chance to relax and unwind. So many acne facials can be quite clinical and don't let you have the time out you need. We fixed that with this perfect blend of relaxation, massage and skin supporting ingredients. 


If its been a while since you treated your skin, don't stress, They are a great way to get your skin back on track because the facials aren't aggressive, but they are powerful. You'll feel all the gentle touches while your skin is secretly getting to work. And to help you get back on track, you can add a free skin consultation to any of the new Spa Facial range when booking. This means you leave the thinking to us, and the relaxing to you. We want you to melt away the daily grind, unveil healthier skin and float out of our treatment room like a cloud as you take it all in. Sound good?

Book you favourite Oak & Eve Spa Facial here. We can't wait to spoil you!

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