Age Rewind - What are the best facials for fine lines and wrinkles?

Age Rewind - What are the best facials for fine lines and wrinkles?

Want to turn back the clock without the need for injectables like Botox or Filler, and reduce those fine lines and wrinkles? We have several facials to help you achieve a smoother, more youthful complexion and give your skin the firm and plump you seek. 


First up, what is an anti aging facial?
In a nut shell, our anti aging facials treatments aim to increase collagen and elastin within the skin to reduce wrinkle depth and even the complexion. This means we are designing treatments targeted to smooth, plump and brighten your skin. 

Traditional facials treatments, our Spa facials
These facials are the perfect combination results and relaxation. The Illuminate and Glow facial is the best for anti aging and still having the chance to unwind. This treatment includes our Signature lift to help brighten and tighten the skin and also our Hydrating Vitamin C enzyme mask to exfoliate and hydrate. Plus plenty of massage and pamper touches. 
What about my other options?
We also offer machinery based facials and they do really pack a punch when it comes to accelerated results. 
Treatment One: Skin Needling
Also known as collagen induction therapy, this facial isn't as scary as it sounds. The micro needles are penetrating only up to 1.5mm and are delivered in a vibrating pen like tool so you often feel more of the buzz of the vibration across the skin and not the micro needles as much. But it's the results we want you to focus on. This is a perfect all rounder for lots of different concerns because we can choose to target the different layers in the skin that produce different things. So for anti aging, we would want to stimulate collagen and elastin to the surface of the skin and work to build up those stores within your skin cells delivering happy healthy blood flow and the plump and bounce that goes with it. 
Down time is about 12 hours but you can wear your regular makeup the next day. 

Treatment two: Luxury RF Skin Tightening Treatment
This treatment uses radio frequency, similar to whats emitted from your car radio, to stimulate the skin to produce more elastin and collagen in your upper skin cells. These two super powers are the key components of youthful skin. Elastin gives you bounce and plump where collagen is like your structure to create the strength to hold your skin nice and firm.
This treatment is best performed at weekly or fortnightly intervals for best results and only basics of skincare are required during this treatment plan.

Short on time?
Try our Signature Facelift.
This 30 minute 4 layer enzyme peel really packs a lot into the time frame. It’s anti aging, brightening and exfoliating. We see reductions in wrinkle depth, pore visibility and reduced redness and pigment. And even though it’s entry level, it can be customised to be much stronger if your skin is ready for it. So if you need something fast and results driven, it’s a great express facial option and one of the most popular at Oak & Eve Beauty. 
Have you thought about a series of treatments?
The way we find our clients achieve the best results is with a series of treatments. Like anything in our body, a one shot attempt does help but long terms results are the best results. Thats why we recommend looking into a series of treatments for anti aging facial concerns. These options can be a mix of different treatments as your skin concerns and skin health may change over time, but no matter the choice, it’s personalised to suit your own needs.  Its like a gym membership for your skin. And the results are phenomenal!


What results can you expect?
Depending on your starting point, our clients see a 30-50% reduction in wrinkle depth with RF alone and a marked difference in other aspects like skin texture and hydration. Take a look at these before and after photos of some of our favourite results below. 


RF Skin tightening Shellharbour
Immediately after one treatment
Radio frequency skin tightening shellharbour
After 4 treatments
RF skin tightening facial shellharbour
After 3 treatments


And thats just RF skin tightening, Skin Needling, our Signature facials and our popular Enzyme Peel with LED have fantastic results too.

If you are stuck on what yo do next and really aren't sure where to start, why not leave the guess work to us and book yourself an 'I don't know what I need' Facial. Its all in the name, its a facial treatment that allows us extra time to really get to know your skin, then we design a facial to suit your needs and make the most of the pampering too. 

Book your  'I don't know what I need' Facial here.

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