Imbibe Inner Beauty Starter Pack

Imbibe Inner Beauty Starter Pack

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Ever wondered where to start with your gut health and inner beauty regime. This is it. Everything you need to help boost your gut health, collagen production, skin health and hydration in one place

This pack contains:

  • Beauty Renewal Concentrate
  • Miracle Collagen Powder
  • Collagen Lips Lip Balm
  • Free Glass Carafe for your beauty renewal 


What do they all do?

Beauty Renewal is our beauty focused gut health tonic from Imbibe Living. It actually tastes delicious and soon becomes addictive when you feel the benefits kicking in. 

  • Reduce Bloating
  • Increase Skin Hydration Levels
  • Boost Healthy Bacteria in your Gut Lining
  • Contains approximately 6 billion multi strain pro bionics per serve
  • Each Bottle contains a month's worth of concentrate ready to mix up in your free Carafe
  • Pomegranate and Grape Seed natural flavour
  • Best results on an empty stomach


Miracle Collagen contains bio active peptides clinically shown to restore collagen levels within the skin, hair and nails to boost strength, cell turn over, increase elastin and boost hydration levels. 

  • Clinical results shown in reduced wrinkle depth
  • Hair Structure Repair
  • Tasteless - Just adds a slightly milky texture
  • Contains Amino Acids to repair gut lining damage
  • Increases your natural collagen production and stores


Collagen Lips is a volumizing, nourishing lip treatment with active collagen peptides. Use as your daily Lip Balm, massage into your lips to dissolve Collagen particles right into the skin cells of your lips to target and plump your pout. 

  • Nourishing Vitamin E, coconut and shea butters deliver key fatty acids and nutrients to moisturize lips and lock in hydration.
  • Bioactive Collagen Hydrolysates are clinically shown to penetrate the skin barrier to stimulate fresh collagen, reduce wrinkle depth and increase skin elasticity.
  • Replace your nightly lip treatment for best results

Free Glass Carafe for you to premake and store your Beauty Renewal Probiotic drink. Just mix up 15ml per cup of water and store in the fridge ready for your next drink