Eye Balm

Eye Balm

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Nourish and protect with this gentle balm a it works to smooth, firm and repair the skin's surface around the eye area. The balm penetrates deeply to give you the ultimate hydration and assist in combating the signs of aging. 

A great entry level eye balm for women seeing the first signs of aging around their eyes. 

How to use: Use half a pea sized amount on clean, damp skin, dab with your fingers around the eye area including the orbital bone (eye socket bone under eye) and below the brow. 

Pro Tip: Use on damp skin to help your skin absorb the balm and pull it deeper into the skin


Key ingredients: 

Ribose: A natural potent cellar energizer, derived from sugar, it helps improve skin elasticity, brightens the complexion and aids in refining the signs of aging. 

Vigna Aconitifolia Extract: Provides the skin with the age defying benefits of vitamin A. Aids in increasing cell turn over and provides protection of the dermis (upper level of the skin) to slow down the visible signs of aging. Clinical results show increase collagen production and visible depth reduction of wrinkles when used daily for 4 weeks. 

Squalane (made from Olives): Benefits the eye area as it is biocompatible with the principle emoliant of the skin. Helps to nourish and retain the natural moisture in the skin. 



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