Are facials affordable? Our Skin Squad makes it easy

We have it! The missing link between regular effective facial treatments and affordability. Our Skin Squad members reap the benefits of a personalised skin treatment program, it's all affordable through our weekly or fortnightly payment plan we wrap up into one and call 'Skin Squad'. 


All thats left for you to do is to decide your skin goals and we take care of the rest. 

organicspa facial treatment in oak flats

All options are tailored to suit you and your skin needs, if you aren't sure which is best for you, we can help create a skin treatment program to suit you and your skincare needs and link you to the best level to achieve your Healthy Skin goals. 


What is a Facial Treatment Membership?

Think of it as your skin's own gym membership. Your program, paid your way. 

Each program is completely personalised to suit your needs and enables you to keep on track with your treatments and budget at the same time. Choose to break up the costs of your regular facials in weekly or fortnightly payments and we take care of the rest. 

All you need to do is select your desired treatment and we tailor what you need to achieve your skin goals. 


    Want to know our recommendations for your specific skin concerns? 

    Book yourself an 'I don't know what I need' Facial and you'll not only discover you true skin type and condition, but you'll walk away empowered with the knowledge you need to make the right decisions for your skin in the Future. This skin treatment combines a thorough skin analysis and consultation with a customised facial thats made for you. 

    This is the perfect place to start your skin journey and will set you up for success.

    pigmentation facial and anti aging skin treatments in oak flats

    What Skin Squad facial membership is right for you?

    This is completely up to you but before we give you a definitive answer, its best to pop in for a complimentary skin consultation and we can really give you the tailored options you need to make an informed decision. 


    What results have we achieved in the past?

    While everyone is different and there are many different factors to what creates your best skin transformation results, here are some of our favourite before and after facial program results. 

    IPL Rejuvenation for Pigmentation - 3 treatments, 3 more to go
    IPL pigmentation skin rejuvenation facial treatments
    IPL Rejuvenation after 2 treatments to create a more even skin tone and reduce redness/inflammation
    ipl rejuvenation treatments
    12 weeks of at home skin care, four basic steps morning and night using the right products used in the right way for our client's needs. 
    before and after 12 week skincare program


    What else do we get in our Skin Squad Membership?

    Aside from our personalised skin treatment and facial plan, you get what we call 'Squad Perks'. These are the extra cherries on top of your glowing skin you'll love to take advantage of. 

    They are:

    • Advanced notice of any events and promotions we might be having like our ever popular makeup lesson evenings, social nights and who doesn't love advanced access to our sales and promotions?
    • Priority booking for up to 6 months in advance, or the life of your membership so you can choose the times that suit you and lock them in just for you
    • Locked in prices for the contracted span of your membership. So if we have a price rise, you won't be effected during your treatment period. 



    Or would you like to book a consultation and get started on your way? Book here




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