Sunspots, Pigmentation & Melasma

Which facial is best for removing pigmentation?

We see a lot of pigmentation at Oak & Eve Beauty. Living on the South Coast of NSW, near beautiful beaches in Shellharbour, Kiama and Wollongong, we live our lives at the beach and naturally that can cause hyperpigmentation in the skin. Luckily we are much more aware these days but if you have been one of many people who have sun damage and pigmentation in your skin, we can help with our range of pigmentation facials. 

Depending on the type of pigmentation you have, you may be more suited to a particular facial treatment. For example, treating Melasma pigmentation is very different to age spots as it is triggered by different things within our bodies. To give you a starting point, take a look at our two best Pigmentation facials. 


Lightening Lift Treatment:

This is our powerhouse Acid based peel. Don't be scared off, you won't be burning your skin or flaking away in the wind. Our range of peels target pigmentation, melasma and age spots by working through the surface of the skin and to target the deeper layers where the pigmentation is formed. This helps to stop the cycle and start to repair and reverse the appearance of your pigment giving you even and glowing skin. 

The Lightening lift is an effective treatment for pigmentation but does require some preparation for best results. Book in for your consultation and first treatment here.


Skin Needling, Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy:

This is our best option for treating deeper pigmentation and hormonal pigmentation with care and control. Skin needling allows us to create micro injuries within the skin that breaks up pigment and allows new skin to heal. Once this process is repeated your pigmentation is faded, more even skin grows to give you a luminous complexion with less wrinkles, smaller pores and greater strength. 

This treatment is best performed in a series of 6 treatments over 6-12 months to give long lasting results. Book in for your consultation and first treatment here

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