Skin Squad Membership - Your Facials, Your results, your way

Ever wanted to get on track with your skin treatments and really carve out the time to optimise your skin health? We understand it can be difficult to stay focused with our busy lives and more than ever, its harder to budget for our personal care time too. Which is why we have created personalised skin treatment memberships, know as our Skin Squad. A completely tailored approach to a skin program where we guide you through the best treatments for your skin as well as what you need to do at home in easy every day language and simple steps. 

You don't need to travel to find an expert skin therapist to help with your skin concerns such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles or even inflammation like rosacea and acne, we can help you right here at Oak & Eve Beauty in Oak Flats, just minutes from Shellharbour. 

With our therapists you will achieve your skin goals sooner and gain a greater understanding of what your skin needs, how to maintain and manage your new healthy complexion and we take care of your in salon treatment program so you just focus on the relaxation. 


What is it exactly?

Our Skin Squad membership program is a way for you to be able to pay for your skin treatments in weekly or fortnightly instalments and gain momentum in your skin health and achieve your goals sooner. This is because with your prepaid treatments, you don't have to budget or stretch out your appointments, its broken into smaller bites and tailored to your skin needs. 

Along with the membership you also gain some other fantastic perks and discounts so you'll be loving every visit and the results you see in between. 

What are the options?

We have three programs to choose from, each can be arranged fortnightly or weekly to suit your financial needs. 

LED Addicts

Our LED only membership program and is a perfect option for clients who need rapid treatments. Choose from weekly or fortnightly visits and see your skin transform! This program starts from $79 per fortnight. Want to know if LED is right for you? Take a look at our blog here. 

Level ONE
  • 1x Signature Facial
  • 1x LED or Peel per month
    By combining one Signature Facial and one LED or Peel treatment over two visits each month we give you both relaxation time and also visible results from the first appointment.
    Our Signature facials are completely customised to your needs and are full of powerful OrganicSpa ingredients to get you closer to your skin goals without compromising your skin health.
    Follow this with a customised LED treatment or peel and your skin results will be boosted and your dream skin just that bit closer after each appointment.
    Our Level ONE membership is $63.65 per week, or $127.30 per fortnight.

Level TWO
  • 1x Signature Facial, LED or Peel per month
  • 1x Advanced Facial
This is our high powered, hard working treatment plan where you get access to all of our treatment modalities, both machinery and signature facials as well as our range of peels. 
Combining the power of our signature facials and peels as above with the options for machinery based facials such as IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy), Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, Carbon Laser Facials or Micro/hydro-dermabrasion, you will notice rapid improvements to your skin appearance and skin health. 

Please note, for this treatment plan to be successful, we need to ensure a skin health level is achieved prior to beginning as some machinery based treatments can cause temporary stress in the skin. 
How Do I know which Skin Squad Membership is right for me?
The best way to determine your best option to help you achieve healthy and vibrant skin is to chat to one of our team members. We can book some time to take you through the different types of treatments and take a look at where your skin is at right now and map a journey to create the skin you have always wanted. 
As skin therapists, our goal at Oak & Eve Beauty is to deliver healthy skin that can give you the confidence to ditch the heavy makeup and truly love your reflection. Imagine waking up with skin that have bounce, glow and Vitality!


On top of the benefits of healthy, glowing skin as a member, you also get:

  • 10% discount on all retail products we sell, not just skincare, everything. If you are a lover of Pure Fiji, OrganicSpa and Imbibe products, you'll want this!
  • Priority booking for the length of your membership. Organise your treatment  times for up to 6 months in advance and stay in control of your appointment schedule. 
  • Your own quarterly 'Squad Box'  available in March, June, September and December to get you prepared for the season ahead. 


All thats left to do is book in for your no obligation skin consultation. It's $85 redeemable in products on the day but if you become a member of our Skin Squad, then its free!

Our skin consultation sessions are all about discovering more about your skin, your lifestyle and health so we can tailor the program to suit your specific needs. This takes into account your schedule, a realistic time frame to see the improvements in your skin and what you need to do at home daily to support your skin health. 


Book your Skin consultation session here, just follow the link and complete your details to select a day and time that suits you.