Signature Facials

Select from a range of ultra relaxing and effective facial treatments. The signature range of facials vary from a skin pick me up right through to gentle peels, purifying  facials and anti-aging treatments. 

While in our beauty salon and spa, you'll be able to have a complementary skin analysis performed to give both yourself and your therapist a comprehensive view of your skin health and ensure you are on the right track to achieving healthy glowing skin. 

Browse the list of facials below to select your best treatment. Or if you are unsure, contact us to have a chat and discuss your best options. 

  • Classic Facial
    Our Classic facial is a beautiful relaxation treatment designed to plump and hydrate the skin. This 60 minute facial treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation , face and décolletage massage, prescription mask and finishing products.The Classic Facial can target different skin concerns through application of prescriptive masks and serums while giving you relaxation and a chance to unwind.

  • Nourish Facial Treatment
    This is our ultimate nourishing facial. Over 75 minutes your skin will be transformed from dull and dehydrated to supple, soft and plump. In this hydrating facial treatment you'll experience a double cleanse, Exfoliating AHA or Enzyme Peel, Rosehip Cream hydrating mask, Anti Aging eye treatment, hand and arm sugar rub exfoliation and massage, and tailored finishing products to suit your skin. 

  • Age Renewal Treatment (Vitamin C Facial)
    If you ever needed a brightening, anti aging facial, this is it. Packed full of Vitamin C from our native Kakadu Plum, we help promote an even complexion and healthy skin barrier while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The great thing about this facial is that while the active Vitamin C mask is working its magic on your skin, you get plenty of luxurious massage time and a hand and arm sugar rub exfoliation. 

  • Detox Clay Treatment
    Give your congested skin the recuperation it needs. A combination of Bentonite and Kaolin Clays help to gently detox the skin while powerful antioxidant rich green tea helps to protect the skin while calming as well. This treatment gives you the best of both worlds, a calmer happier skin as well as deep relaxation through massage, a hand and arm sugar rub exfoliation and finishing products to suit your specific needs. 

    If you are acne prone we recommend combining with the LED Blue light therapy to help kill bacteria further down in your skin and stop the acne cycle to give you a clearer complexion for longer.

  • Bio Hydra Facial
    This sheet mask based hydration treatment is infused with a unique formula,  plant extracts and organic juices with hyaluronic acid. Ideal to treat a dehydrated and dry skin skin as it leaves skin plump, fresh, smoother and more youthful.

    We see amazing results in this treatment as a prep for an event to give you the Hollywood glow as it helps to calm redness and inflammation. Your newly even complexion and plumped texture helps your skin look its very best for your next event.

  • Starter Peel (AHA peel)
    Blending AHA’s with enzymes, this bio-active peel is designed to refine and rejuvenate the skin.With powerful active ingredients, this peel can be used by itself or it can be added to your facial to skyrocket the results of another facial treatment. The great thing about this peel is the fast acting formula that exfoliates gently so you get the benefits of the peel without the downtime of shedding skin. 

    Not suitable during pregnancy

  • Enzyme Peel
    The lactic+ enzyme compound combines pure lactic powder with enzyme rich and potent organic dehydrated fruit powders, to deliver a powerful active boost to our existing AHA rejuvenate peel.
    This booster peel is perfect for those clients looking to reduce the signs of aging while increasing cell turn over for ultra glowing, hydrated skin.
    Lactic acid is a naturally occurring acid so its gentle on the skin but actively purifies deep down within the pores and reduce dull dying skin cells on the surface to reveal new, undamaged skin cells and a brighter complexion.

    Not suitable during pregnancy.


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All of our treatments are performed with the utmost care and precision to ensure you not only enjoy your experience with us but also see the benefits of our organic facial treatments giving you fresher, brighter skin and a boost in confidence that only a healthy complexion can do. 

You'll find us in the heart of Oak Flats, just a few minutes from Shellharbour city centre and Stockland Shopping precinct. We love being a part of Oak Flats township and the local community and would love to welcome you to our ever growing family.