Facial Treatments

Women's Facials

Time to take care of your skin?

At Oak & Eve Beauty, our highly trained therapists help you discover the beautiful glowing skin you've had hiding all along. Visit our Oak Flats Beauty Salon and Facial bar for your next skin treatment. With our range of relaxation and speciality facials, we will spoil you with an amazing pampered experience while healing and restoring your skin to its healthiest, most youthful potential. 

As an ethical, eco conscious salon we are so proud to be partnering with OrganicSpa to deliver Certified Organic Facials and Skincare through 100% naturally derived, ethical treatments. OrganicSpa is an Australian owned and operated business manufacturing their beautiful products our of their base in Byron Bay. OrganicSpa help us deliver luxurious facial treatments either as part of a series to boost your skin health or to help you relax and pamper during treatment. 

The Multi-Detox Clay signature treatment is designed to purify and provide a detoxifying experience. It aims to calm and rebalance unhealthy skin. With a mix of Kaolin Clay, Green tea, Hylauronic Acid and Bentonite, this detoxifying facial treatment aims to draw impurities to the surface, smooth away fine lines and leave your skin visibly brighter and firmer.

High in AHA (Naturally derived acids) this treatment exfoliates, stimulates and brightens your complexion. Designed to rejuvenate and shed dead, clogs skin cells, this peel will increase cell turn over without the redness and irritation found in other peels.

Containing Aloe Vera and Olive leaf extract, your skin will be soothed, calm and cool after your treatment meaning less down time following your peel treatment.

For rapid results we recommend 6 AHA peels followed by LED collagen infusion facials over 6 weeks to ensure maximum benefits. This combination will leave your skin ultra bright, glowing, hydrated and with visibly less lines.

*Not suitable during pregnancy.

Our Advanced Peel combines the power of Lactic Acid and Active Enzymes to smooth, boost and regenerate your skin's surface. This peel is our 2nd level peel for clients who are wanting to experience a stronger sensation while focusing on hydration, smooth skin and anti ageing.

Made from biodegradable wood pulp fibre, each facial mask treatment has been infused and soaked in a unique formula of plant extracts and juices with Hylauronic Acid. This treatment is designed to penetrate then lock moisture and actives ingredients into the skin while the material soothes and cools the complexion.

Our LED (Light Emitting Diode) facials use therapeutic wavelengths to target your skin concerns such as acne, anti ageing, pigmentation, brightening, even soothing injuries and more.

Our signature LED facials combine a traditional elements like, cleanse, exfoliation and hydration with the Led Light therapy to pin point your skin concerns in a non invasive way.

The different lights penetrate to different depths of your skin to target specific skin concerns. For example Blue light helps to eliminate acne causing bacteria while Red light will reduce inflammation, increase circulation, reduced fine lines and wrinkles and even aids in collagen production.

Not to mention the entire rainbow of other colours all with great benefits for your skin. LED Facials can also be used to help heal after surgery to reduce inflammation and bruising, to help heal sunburn, prolong the effects of filler and more.

Along with our LED facials, we have a range of clear collagen facial masks that can be used alone but work best under LED light. The Collagen Masks vary in shape and size to target different areas such as neck, lips, under eyes, around the nose and mouth or full face. The masks instantly hydrate and infuse the skin with Collagen from the outside while your LED Facial works from the inside out.

This is our ultimate Anti Ageing treatment. Infused with Vitamins C & E, this facial restores radiance and hydration while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our best results have been seen with this facial on normal to dry skin types of any age and mature skin. Enjoy this facial alone or results can be boosted with a relaxing LED treatment to finish.

This deep exfoliation and resurfacing treatment helps to reduce congestion in the skin, smooth and detox while promoting even skin tone and complexion. This treatment is perfect for congested skin and those prone to blackheads as it gently exfoliated and pulls impurities from the skin without squeezing or damaging the skin.

Combining the deep exfoliation of Microdermabrasion with Vitamin and Hydration infusion gives you smoother and more plump skin. This is perfect for clients with sensitive skin as it allows a more gentle exfoliation while treating the skin with a partnering serum to settle and repair.

This treatment uses a micro needles to activate an increasse in collagen production to assist with both environmental and genetic aging as well as scaring, skin texture. stretch marks, large pores, pigmentation, Sun Damage, and more. This treatment stimulates the body’s natural repair responses and enables us to control healing and collagen production to give you firmer, smoother skin with even tones and complexion.

Combine the effective LED collagen treatment with Serum infusion micro needling to triple to effectiveness of your skincare and facial treatments. With the use of our Serum Infuser with its tiny micro needles, at just a quarter of a millimetre, we can create micro channels into the skin to allow deeper penetration of effective skincare and the LED facial treatment. This micro needling treatment has zero downtime and you can take home your own micro needling serum infuser to continue at home.

This is for those clients who want help with their skin but don't know where to start. In this appointment you will receive a thorough skin analysis and Consultation along with the appropriate facial treatment. Prices will vary depending on agreed treatment plan Allow up to 1.5 hours for this consultation and treatment. Total cost of $145 includes the cost of your facial treatment. The remaining amount is redeemable in products on the day.

How to get the most out of your facial treatment

Like anything, we get the best results with consistency. Facials can be a relaxing one-of treatment to recharge your mental batteries or your can use facials like a skin gym and work towards healthier happier skin. Our therapists will complete a thorough consultation with you where you can share your concerns and skin goals with us to help you achieve your best skin ever. 

Before your treatment:
  • Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your treatment. This will help your skin hydrate from the inside out and help us get a better understanding of deeper issues you want to address. 
  • Avoid using Retinol and Glycolics of 3-5 days prior to your facial. They make the skin more delicate and can slow down the healing process. This is particularly important if you are booked in for a peel or intensive treatment such as micro-needling. 
  • Avoid caffeine before your facial so you can fully relax or even drift off to sleep. 

At your facial:
  • Bring a list of the skincare you use at home. This can help us understand exactly whats happening day to day for your skin and may eliminate you doubling up on products you already have if you choose to take any skincare home. 

Once your facial has ended:
  • Its best to avoid makeup, sun or sweaty workouts for 24 hours after your facial. This is because your skin is more sensitive and can become inflamed by heat and increased blood pressure (Sorry Personal trainer, we will have to sit this one out!)
  • Try not to touch your face too much . Your skin will feel so soft and beautiful so its best that fingers and phones stay away to make that feeling last. 
  • Listen to the instruction of your therapist. There are different recommendations for different skin treatments and your specific needs. To prolong the effects of your treatment its best to take their advice to ensure a good outcome. 
  • Like anything at home maintenance is key. If we know what you have at home we can recommend what may be missing or how to use those products in keeping with your skin concerns to get the best results.
  • Book in for your follow up at the recommended time frame to keep your skin healing process going. For the average person, facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks while some ladies may prefer to visit even weekly in the lead up to an event such as a wedding. We will chat to you about all the different options and pathways to help you achieve your goals in a time frame that suits your needs.