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Get silky smooth, razor free hair removal with our IPL hair removal packages. 
IPL, while similar to Laser hair removal, can treat most hair & skin types to reduce and remove hair growth in the treated areas with approx 4-6 monthly treatments. 
How is our IPL treatment different?
We patch test every client to know how hard we can treat the area to give you the best and fastest results. By doing so, we limit the amount of treatments you need, give you more effective results and save the skin from burns and irritations. 
How long does IPL Last?
After your initial treatments are complete, we recommend touch up appointments only when you start to notice hair coming back. Depending on your growth patterns and hair colour this may be anywhere from 6 to 12 months. 
Who can get IPL?
Most skin and hair colours are able to receive IPL Treatments. We do find however that light red hair and grey hairs are not suitable for these treatments as they do not have enough colour in the root of the hair to attract the light to them. 
How is IPL Different to Laser?
We use a multi colored multi spectrum IPL machine to be able to customise the treatment to the hair and skin colour without jeopardizing results. The difference in the light application is similar to a flood light Vs. a laser beam so we can sweep over large areas quickly for wider delivery of treatment in a fast and effective manner. 
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